The Election Verification Network (EVN)

EVN is a national network of experts, election officials, and advocates improving U.S. elections by making sure each ballot is counted accurately for fair results the public can verify. We work together to make sure every vote, in every election, counts the way the voter intended.
“One person, one vote” sounds simple enough, but the systems used to implement U.S. elections are incredibly complex. EVN provides a framework for nonpartisan, unbiased experts to collaborate and share information, safeguarding our civil rights at every step in the process:

  • Helping election officials design ballots and choose equipment that is secure, reliable, accessible and voter-friendly
  • Opening election processes to public, nonpartisan observation while ensuring that voters can cast their ballots privately and independently
  • Making sure every vote is documented with a permanent paper record that can be checked for accuracy by the voter and recounted by officials with public oversight
  • Requiring election results to be audited for accuracy in consistent, meaningful ways
  • Preventing, detecting and solving election problems including voting system malfunctions, human error and intentional fraud

Our ultimate goal? A stronger democracy where citizens are motivated to vote because they know their voices matter, and trust our elections are fair.